The Guinness Storehouse; a Dublin favourite!

The Guinness Storehouse >>
Guinness is world-famous and one of many global brands which are instantly recognisable as being from Ireland. It’s famously thought that the best pint of Guinness will be found in Dublin, probably due to the location of the Guinness Storehouse and it not having to travel far! Saying that, this Irish dry stout travels well and is exported far and wide. The great thing is, it’s very easy to get to from our Hostel in Dublin and we’re here to advise on the best route to take.

As you’d expect, the Guinness Storehouse is a mecca for beer lovers and anyone interested in Ireland’s cultural past and present.1.6 million visited in 2016 and visitors discover what goes into making every pint, learn about the incredible brand history going back over 250 years, its iconic advertising, as well as great tastings! The experience unfolds across seven floors, including the the famous ‘Gravity Bar’, where visitors enjoy stunning panoramic 360⁰ views of Dublin.